All Inclusive Guided Backpacking Trips: Less Stress and More Cool Experiences

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It all seems simple enough. There is an itinerary and a starting point and an ending point and destinations. But what is really built into the price for a guided hiking tour? Here are some of the benefits you can expect when hiring a guide…




At Four Seasons Guides we vet our guides carefully and weigh the amount of experience they have for a given destination. In our industry, many guides aspire to work for our company and come to us with years of experience gleaned as paid guides with other companies.


All of our guides are fully trained to handle the difficult terrain we navigate through year-round. We are prepared for any unexpected contingency.


One thing our experience has taught us is that guests often underestimate the harsh desert landscape – and overestimate their capabilities to succeed in these conditions. We provide kit lists that are meticulously planned and proven to keep you comfortable and happy in these beautiful wilderness areas. And, of course, with a guided trip you never need to guess about how much food and water to bring: we’ve got that covered.

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Some people love to plan trips – almost more than experiencing the travel. But if you are not the type who devotes days to researching itineraries, calculating travel times, debating over possible supplies, menu planning and mapping out logistics then you may want to leave those responsibilities to the pros. And don’t forget to factor in the cost and hassle of buying or renting special equipment and transporting it to the trailhead. With a guide service there is no wrestling with equipment and paying to get it on the plane. You just show up with your clothes and camera and a readiness to explore.




Have you ever returned from a trip and learned about a “hidden gem” for the location you just visited but never saw? The American Southwest is filled with those kinds of goodies – so many that most guidebooks can’t fit them all in and we can’t include them all on our website. But our guides know they are out there and we will show you these “local secrets” you would likely never stumble upon on your own. Our guides are also well-versed in the area’s natural history, flora/fauna and human history which helps to enhance your experience of a particular landscape.

All inclusive adventure tour, guided backpacking trips.

Peace of Mind


Yes, an adventure vacation should be an adventure. But it is also should be a vacation – an escape from everyday worries and chores like cooking and clean-up and organizing. With guided backpacking trips you can be sure permits are secured, safety precautions accounted for, itineraries planned. The only surprises on your guided hiking tours will be the unexpected delights you experience out on the trail.

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