Alli and Christian – Rim to Rim

It’s us who need to thank YOU! After just two days in NYC, I am already wishing I was back in AZ and the Grand Canyon. What a great trip! I am so impressed with you and Bob, and how well everything was organized. And not just how well it was all organized, but how you planned and made the hike into a really amazing experience for us in all ways possible. What a job it is to guide a group through the canyon: you need so many different skills from guiding to cooking to storytelling to psychological eye – and you never get a break either. Bob was the most amazing guide & travel companion. He read us so perfectly (I never had time to get tired or hungry), and he took care of us like a perfect parent (who was just on top of the situation at every second), yet he made it seem completely effortless and fun, as if he simply happened to be a perfect friend to go hiking with.

Before the hike, it was very easy to communicate with you – we always got all the information that we needed quickly and clearly, and felt from the very first message that we were in very good hands – a feeling which was again confirmed at the orientation. My hat is off to you guys, and all the phrases I’ve heard of you are certainly true. I can’t think of anything that I’d change. Just keep up the good work!

Thanks again for everything! It was worth the 7-year-wait!