Benefits to Spending Time Outdoors

From our human roots of hunting, gathering, and gardening, we as a people have always spent time outdoors. In today’s society, with computers and smartphones at our fingertips, we can order or experience most things with the click of a button. This doesn’t disguise the fact that ‘spending time outdoors’ is coming back in style. Gardening, hiking, backpacking, and all-around homestead-living is becoming more and more popular.

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With that being said, here are our favorite benefits to spending time outdoors:

1. Stress Relief. Walking, an increase in heart rate, breathing in the fresh air, and not being in front of a computer can all decrease stress. A simple hike or a 3-day long backpacking adventure can offer a mental re-boot when it comes to the brain and its stressors.

2. Improved Memory. Harvard University conducted research showing that being outdoors in natural light, looking around at your surroundings, and focusing on a hike or walk improves overall memory. The study also showed that children and teens with ADHD have shown an increase in focus and short-term memory with more time spent outdoors.

3. Boosted Immunity. Although some may think of allergies when they consider time outdoors, phytoncides, volatile organic compounds produced and emitted by plants, actually increase one’s white blood cell count. This increase in white blood cells assists in fighting off illness.

4. Muscle and Bone Health. Taking strides outdoors can build muscle, improve heart health, and strengthen bones. The balance required on even the simplest of hikes can utilize parts of the body that aren’t often used when sitting behind a desk.

There are so many amazing reasons to spend time outdoors. The flora, fauna, smells, and sunshine is the obvious reasons. Although the benefits that can improve one’s quality of life are often forgotten. So, are you ready? It’s time to get outdoors!


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