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Discover your adventure travel trip with Four Season Guides. Backpack, hike and explore hidden places in America’s southwest.

Adventure Travel: Yep, It’s Now Officially ‘A Thing’

If you are a regular hiker or backpacker or kayaker who frequently heads out to wilderness trails you may be somewhat bewildered that the world has given a name to your activity – adventure travel. There is now even an Adventure Travel Trade Association with over 1000 members to help folks find the roads less […]

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havasu falls grand canyon

The Magic Blue Waters of Havasu Falls

Few words stir the soul quite like “desert oasis.” And there is no desert oasis in the Southwest comparable to the legendary beauty of Havasu Falls inside the Grand Canyon. The waters of Havasu Creek plunge 90 feet through craggy red rocks into magical turquoise pools. Stands of green cottonwoods fill out the Eden-like desertscape. […]

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Safety Tips for Hiking the Grand Canyon

By Samantha Jones Always plan ahead. Now repeat after me – always plan ahead! Planning for the Best AND the Worst No matter what your  hiking experience may be, you must be cautious. There many trails in the Grand Canyon ranging in difficulty from beginner to expert. Even if you consider yourself an experienced, it […]

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