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Four Season Guides is a guide owned and operated business in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Beginner Backpacking Trips in the Southwest

Backpacking is becoming more and more popular as the social media world exchanges photos of the most miraculous places on earth. The Southwest, specifically, has become a destination for those seeking beginner backpacking trips with a guide. Here are just a few of our favorite beginner backpacking trips in the Southwest:   Indian Gardens – […]

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A Guide to Preventing Top Hiking Injuries Before Hitting the Trail

When we think of hiking or backpacking, we tend to daydream about the quiet solitude, the fresh air, the outstanding views, and the sense of adventure that can only be found in the great outdoors. Few of us think about the most common backpacking and hiking injuries. Although all injuries can’t be prevented, here are […]

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staying hydrated

Hydration Before, During and After Hiking

The body is designed to be partially fueled by fluids. For men, the need is around 3.5 liters of water or other fluids per day. This equals to 15.5 cups. Women need about one liter less per day or around 11.5 cups. If you’re hiking, the necessary intake is always more.   Start Hydrating Before […]

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Hiking Grand Canyon with a Guide

Hiking Grand Canyon can be such an exhilarating and wondrous experience. The beauty and scale of the landscape are breathtaking, drawing massive crowds to see it every year. For those unfamiliar with the terrain yet eager to explore below the rim, you may want to consider hiring a guide. Here are a few advantages to […]

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Grand Canyon Sightseeing Tours with Four Season Guides

Grand Canyon is one of the reasons that close to six million people from around the globe travel to the Southwest each year. From rim to rim, the majestic beauty of Grand Canyon is a sight to see. Many people have a hike through Grand Canyon on their bucket list, while other nature-lovers are excited […]

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Southwest Hiking Tours: Solo Travel

As we begin to brainstorm our 2021 list of potential adventures, travels, and experiences, many will find a Southwest Adventure upon the list. Contemporary travelers are planning adventures away from family and friends, with a new trend: solo travel. This path of independence allows individuals to embark on adventures into the wild alone, but not […]

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Giving the Gift of Experience for the Holidays

The Holidays are upon us. Soon we will be trimming trees, lighting candles and perhaps even spending time with those we love (at a social distance of course). If you are searching for great gift ideas this year and want to integrate some physical exercise along with family time, consider the gift of an outdoor […]

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Vacationing in America’s Southwest

Although some people may think of America’s Southwest as little more than a barren expanse of hot, prickly desert full of scorpions and rattlesnakes, these stereotypes are misguided and have likely contributed to this area being a relative secret gem of outdoor recreation for so long. The deserts and mountains of Arizona and Utah have […]

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Southern Utah’s Most Popular Hikes

Utah’s majestic waterfalls, beautiful arches, canyons, and mind-blowing views are some of the planet’s most magical works of art. Hiking throughout Utah’s backcountry allows nature-lovers to experience so many fantastic landscapes. Knowing where to start will be the most difficult part. Here are Southern Utah’s top three most popular hikes:   Angels Landing Angels Landing […]

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Three Best Yosemite Backpacking Trips | Multi-Day

When we venture out of our normal Four Corners region to escape the summer heat of the desert Southwest, we love to head to the Sierra Nevada mountains of central California. Yosemite National Park is an incredible summer hiking destination. What better place to escape the heat than to explore the numerous waterfalls, high alpine […]

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