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Four Season Guides is a guide owned and operated business in Flagstaff, Arizona.

4 Best Grand Canyon Hiking Tours

The Grand Canyon is a 277-mile-long section of northwest Arizona that contains enough adventure to last a lifetime. Everything from whitewater rafting to fishing is available in this nearly 6000-foot-deep Wonder of the World. Surprisingly, less than one percent of the roughly six million visitors per year venture below the rim. The Grand Canyon’s full […]

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Grand Canyon Backcountry Permits

Most overnight trips into the Grand Canyon National Park require campers to have a Backcountry Permit. The process of obtaining a Backcountry Permit can be lengthy and competitive. Therefore, if you are planning to take a guided backpacking tour through the Grand Canyon, it is crucial to book a trip with your selected outfitter a […]

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Gifting ‘Adventure’ For the Holidays

Most everyone looks forward to the holidays – bright colorful lights, crisp cool weather and time with family and friends. What most everyone does not look forward to are those ugly sweaters and gym memberships that often end up under the tree. So, why not do things a little differently this year? What if you […]

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Training for a Grand Canyon Hike

The Grand Canyon is an extremely popular destination for hikers and backpackers alike. This geological marvel may look beautiful from atop but below the rim, there are steep trails, loose footing, and drastic temperature changes, all requiring thoughtful planning and concerted training. This article will address how to physically prepare for your Grand Canyon hike […]

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The Problem with Your Bucket List (A Grand Canyon Example)

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone tell me that ‘hiking the Grand Canyon’ was on their bucket list, I’d retire and spend the rest of my time…hmmm, well…hiking. These days, everyone seems to have a bucket list and if you’re someone who enjoys traveling, hiking, and exploring, then there’s a […]

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Staying Hydrated When Hiking in the Desert Southwest

Summer temperatures in the southwestern U.S. can be extreme. And though there are certainly cooler times of year to go hiking and backpacking out here, when planned thoughtfully and carefully, a hike can be extremely enjoyable. But one of the most important elements is proper hydration and nourishment. Too many people miss at least one […]

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5 Best Places to Get Your Southwest Instagram Selfie

If you have spent any time on Instagram, you have probably noticed a few of the same beautiful landscapes showing up over and over. Many of these places are located in the Southwest. The blue pools and waterfalls, slot canyons with orange light pouring into them, slickrock expanses, swimming holes, deep canyons or horseshoe-shaped river […]

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Mother’s Day Ideas – Hike The Grand Canyon

Mother’s Day falls on May 12, 2019 this year. What do you get for the person who may have everything? An experience, of course. Take your mom on a guided hiking or backpacking adventure down into the Grand Canyon and she’ll rave about it for years to come. As one of the Seven Natural Wonders […]

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