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Paria Canyon Hiking

Explore the Paria Canyon/Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness, home to varied geologic features and narrow canyons including the world’s longest slot canyon.

Bucket Lists

The Value of Bucket Lists

Once upon a time they were simply goals. Then the popular media got a hold of them and they became “books to read before you die.” And Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson dropped them into a “bucket list” of things to experience before they shuffled off this rocky planet.   Bucket lists filled with goals […]

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The beauty of deserts in the United States

America’s Deserts and Their Appeal

  Everyone knows what deserts are: Flat, Brown, Barren. Oh, and hot! These are the horrible landscapes where only rattlesnakes and scorpions live (although you rarely see either). And don’t forget all those prickly, thorny plants. Why is it the case then that so many folks are eagerly planning and anticipating their upcoming desert adventures […]

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Four Season Guides backpacking in Utah and the Grand Canyon.

Fall in the Southwest

This time of year, it is New England that gets all the attention from travel planners for its famous fall foliage. That’s OK. Here in the Southwest, where we enjoy amazing colors and light all year round, we can begrudge the Easterners their one month in the spotlight. But fall in the southwest is a […]

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Guided backpacking trips Four Season Guides

Guided Backpack Adventures With Four Season Guides

Exploring Havasu Falls in Arizona’s Grand Canyon. Amazing blue-green waterfalls pour over massive limestone cliffs and hydrate this lush canyon oasis. Hike through winding desert canyons, towering layers of red rock, a remote village inhabited by the Havasupai and camp along the banks of beautiful Havasu Creek. A few of our guests share their experiences […]

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5 Best Uses of Duct Tape When Backpacking

By any reckoning the three greatest inventions of mankind are fire, the wheel and duct tape – not necessarily in that order. Duct tape when backpacking will certainly be the most versatile tool you drop into your backpack. Let’s explore some of its uses. 1. First-Aid. A piece of duct tape can do duty as […]

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Choosing the right hiking boot.

Training for Your Trip: Hiking Boots – It’s All About the Fit

  Feel your toes wiggle. That is when you know you have discovered the hiking boot for you. A comfortable hiking shoe should feel snug and supportive around the heel but up front there should be room for your toes to stretch out a bit. When shopping for hiking boots go prepared with the socks […]

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A Backpacker’s First Aid Kit

Planning a backpacking vacation to escape the ‘real world’ for a few days? Sounds like a fantastic idea! Getting away from it all and losing yourself in the wilderness (not literally, of course) is a fabulous way to reenergize, reduce stress, and get some well-deserved exercise. You can simplify your life and disappear for a while with just the […]

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backpacking vacations

Why Everyone is Going on a Backpacking Vacation this Summer

The world is a beautiful and awe-inspiring place. However, many people do not get to see much of it during their lifetime. Lacing up a pair of boots, strapping on a backpack, and leaving vehicles behind allows those willing to rough it a little bit the perfect opportunity to explore these places. It may seem a little […]

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Five Things to Include in Your Backpack for the Next Adventure

By S. Smith There is no better way to experience the incredible outdoor destinations of the world than with a backpacking adventure. Exploring Mother Nature’s most beautiful places with all the essentials you need strapped on your back, is what it’s all about. That is, if all the essentials for the trip are remembered. Although each destination may […]

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Southern Utah’s Best Hikes

Contributed by Samantha Jones Utah’s backcountry is known for its beautiful arches, incredible waterfalls, majestic canyons and caves, and breathtaking views. The only problem with all this beauty, is knowing where to start. But one of the best parts of backpacking in Utah is the ability to see so many different landscapes by simply spending […]

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