Exploring the Grand Canyon with a Custom Tour

Backpacking Grand Canyon doesn’t have to always look the same. Many believe a backpacking trip into Grand Canyon is simply walking down Bright Angel or South Kaibab Trails with all of the tourists and mules and then hiking back out.

Two Men Hiking the Grand Canyon

The fact is, Grand Canyon has hundreds of miles of trails throughout this gorgeous National Park. Trails enter Grand Canyon from a number of different locations along the South Rim, North Rim and Marble Canyon. Those seeking a more adventurous route away from the more popular and congested trails have a number of options at their disposal.


The other concern of visitors who want to backpack Grand Canyon is time and ability. With Grand Canyon Custom Tours, the hike into the canyon can be customized to your schedule and fitness capabilities. If you are a novice backpacker and are a bit intimidated about the hike, no worries. Professional guides can arrange a tour just for your skill level.


Guided tours also take care of a number of other logistical hurdles, such as obtaining the required permits ahead of time. Professional guides will also include all of the necessary gear one would need to backpack the Grand Canyon, such as backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, cooking gear, as well as all the food. Trying to make each individual’s trip as enjoyable as possible is their aim. No stress, no worry, and giving individuals the opportunity to get away from it all is the goal. It is also still advisable to book your Grand Canyon trip at least five months ahead of time due to the complexity of obtaining overnight hiking permits.


Build Your Skills As A Backpacker


The Custom Grand Canyon Tour allows you as a backpacker or hiker to build or improve your outdoor skills. Starter trips are designed to help novice backpackers understand how to carry a pack and properly balance the weight, how to effectively use trekking poles, and hike up and down steep hills in the most efficient manner. More advanced trips allow you to hone your skills regarding campsite selection, water management, and even food preparation.


You will also learn about how much food, water, and electrolytes need to be consumed when hiking in the often arid landscapes of Arizona. Becoming dehydrated is a common problem among the average Grand Canyon visitor, and guides will make sure you have safely consumed the appropriate amounts of liquids. Lastly, guides are First Aid certified so that you can feel safe when navigating a trip like the Grand Canyon.


People on edge of Grand Canyon


Challenge Yourself in the Remote Grand Canyon


Though many hikers seek the Rim to Rim route through Grand Canyon, there are many more trails that offer to challenge and delight the hardier, more experienced adventurers. Trails such as the Escalante Route, Kanab Creek, and Clear Creek will deliver you into the more remote corners of Grand Canyon and offer fantastic solitude in an incredible wilderness complete with epic views, spectacular waterfalls, and remnants of ancient civilizations that once made their homes below the rim. But unlike the famous Rim to Rim corridor, these trails can be rugged, steep, and include exposure to heights that might make Canyon amateurs uneasy. However, professional guides make the experience safer and more accessible to those adventurers seeking a taste of Grand Canyon’s wilder side.


Create your Custom Grand Canyon Backpacking Trip today by contacting Four Season Guides in Flagstaff, Arizona. A professional guide will answer the phone and interview you to determine the best scenario for your adventure. Call 928-525-1552 for more information or to book your trip today!

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