Five Things to Include in Your Backpack for the Next Adventure

Backpacking ListBy S. Smith

There is no better way to experience the incredible outdoor destinations of the world than with a backpacking adventure. Exploring Mother Nature’s most beautiful places with all the essentials you need strapped on your back, is what it’s all about. That is, if all the essentials for the trip are remembered.

Although each destination may have a few unique factors that will need to be considered when packing, there are a few essentials that should always be included in your backpack for any trip:


  1. Extra clothing. Even for a short trip, it’s important to consider extra clothing. Weather conditions can change without warning so always prepare for slightly colder and wetter conditons than expected.  Lightweight rain gear, long underwear, and a cozy jacket (fleece or down feather) can be the difference between comfort and misery.
  1. Sun protection. All year ‘round, it’s important to remember sun protection. A brimmed hat, sunglasses and sunscreen with 35 SPF or higher should all be included. Remember, you will be outside all day and even on cloudy days, the UV rays are hitting your skin.
  1. Medications and first aid. Your first aid kit should be simple but comprehensive. Cuts, scrapes and burns, blisters and twisted ankles are the most common injuiries. But don’t forget those all-important personal medications. If severe allergies are a concern, also remember to bring an Epi Pen.
  1. Flashlight. Headlamps are the flashlight of choice for backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts these days. Keep your hands free while you rummage through your backpack after sundown, searching for that elusive pair of dry socks. LED lights will last longer than traditional bulbs. And don’t forget an extra set of batteries!
  1. Extra Food/Water. Seems obvious enough but don’t forget to bring some extra. Oatmeal, ramen noodles, or an extra freeze-dried meal are great options for the emergency backup should you end up out in the backcountry a little longer than planned. And though it might not be practical to carry a lot of extra water, be sure you know where reliable water sources will be foud along the way. And don’t forget a reliable way to treat natural water sources. Plan to drink at least 3 liters of water every day.


Being prepared with the right elements in a backpack can ensure a comfortable and safe adventure. For location specific items, consult with a local professional backpacking guide. Once fully prepared, the focus can then be on enjoying the sights and experiencing the great outdoors.


About Backpacking with a Guide: Looking for a backpacking adventure within Grand Canyon or southern Utah? Consider hiring a knowledgeable local guide that can provide you and your friends or family with all the essentials: gear, food, a packing list, route description, and the peace of mind in knowing that you are in competent hands. For more information on guided backpacking trips, visit:

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