Gifting ‘Adventure’ For the Holidays

Most everyone looks forward to the holidays – bright colorful lights, crisp cool weather and time with family and friends. What most everyone does not look forward to are those ugly sweaters and gym memberships that often end up under the tree. So, why not do things a little differently this year? What if you gave the gift of ‘adventure’ for the holidays?

Beginners backpackers Yosemite High Sierra


It’s no secret that more and more people are finding that an experience far outweighs the accumulation of material things. An experience creates a memory for a lifetime while a gift often fades from memory only days or weeks after it is received.


Whether it is the Instagram culture or the realization that there are so many special natural places in America, the souls of many have been stirred.  Getting out and exploring the land, discovering amazing swimming holes, waterfalls, slot canyons and epic views does wonders for the heart and soul. Camping out beneath the stars, sitting around a campfire, making new friends – this also goes hand-in-hand with the ‘experience’ of something beyond general life.


Experiences have become such an important part of life and vacations that even large companies such as AirBnB have integrated these experiences into their offerings. Guests not only have the choice to book a place to stay at in their desired destinations, but also choose from a splattering of experiences that they can pay for.

people hiking the grand canyon south rim

The types of experiences people are seeking are broad and varied. The more interesting and specialized the experience, the better. It’s not every day that one can learn to round up cattle, make jewelry, kayak down a hidden creek or even backpack through the wilderness of southern Utah.


While there are individual options of experiences there are also group and family experiences. Families are now opting to take their grown children out on unique experiential vacations, instead of gifting for the holidays. Ziplining and backpacking places like the Grand Canyon or Yosemite National Park are at the top of the list.


Creating memories of a lifetime isn’t just important for the kids, but also for the parents. Sitting around and watching TV has lost its allure, as has walking around shopping malls for days on end. But pulling everyone in the family together, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters has required thinking outside of the box. Coming up with a trip idea that will make everyone happy and bring everyone together is what today’s generation is about.


Luckily there are plenty of things to see and do and one doesn’t always have to cross the oceans to do them. Just within America, between all of the National Parks and Wilderness Areas, there is so much hidden beauty to take witness to. This is possibly why guided wilderness trips and hiking tours have been growing in interest for groups. Paying to go to the local park just pales in comparison to witnessing the grandeur of the Grand Canyon, and knowing as a group you hiked it together.


Over the holidays, what adventure can you plan for your whole family or a group of friends for 2020 that will be unforgettable? Giving the gift of ‘adventure’ will stand out in the memories of all, forever.


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