Grand Canyon Backpacking Tour

Dear Dave,

I had a great time in Grand Canyon! Perfect weather, not to hot, very competent guide, breath taking landscape, good food, plenty of time to take pictures. It worked very well for me – even or maybe exactly –  because I easily could stay within my comfort zone and had time to look around and to soak up all the impressions.

I’m still impressed about the quality you as owner and Matt as guide have provided for this trip. All practicalities like briefing, transportation and equipment (really great quality!)  just naturally worked. Each day had its own program, there was no feeling of repetition and routine. I enjoyed to just sit down for eating and enjoy plenty of good and varying food. As well as your personal follow up by email.

I could learn a lot from Matt regarding how to set the pace, to stop at the right moment and to let those breaks appear as very natural by telling short stories and explaining details, when to push and be firm, when to relax and give freedom. I appreciated that Matt showed edges and shared clear standpoints. I perceived him as highly competent, supportive and authentic.

All in all the 4 days exceeded all my expectations!

All the Best and greetings to Matt,

Roger B.

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