Grand Canyon Hiking Tours Rim to Rim


Despite all the photos you have seen of the Grand Canyon, nothing compares to actually backpacking it from one rim to the next. One cannot even begin to capture all of the beauty that every twist and turn takes, nor have a wide enough lens. Hiking the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure you have to take for yourself.


What does it mean to hike the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim? There are a handful of primary trails that lead to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. There is, of course, the most popular trail – which is the Bright Angel Trail. There is the South Kaibab Trail, also on the south side and then there is the less known but maybe twice as beautiful North Rim trail.

Four Season Guides offers the famous Grand Canyon Rim to Rim tour because this hike is the most scenic, all-encompassing backpacking trip you can take if you really, really want to experience the Grand Canyon.

trail guide looking over grand canyon

The hike gives you a very diverse set of views as it starts on the North Rim, which is covered in beautiful spruce and fir trees – as opposed to the more sparse, desert feeling, one gets on the south rim. From the north rim, one descends down the North Kaibab Trail where, eventually, you pass the beautiful Roaring Springs, and a watery oasis that bursts from the canyon wall.

Camping on the first night occurs at Bright Angel Creek, the Cottonwood Camp. This peaceful camping location offers everyone a chance to reflect on the beauty of the day and their photographs, while relaxing under the stars.

Day two of your backpacking trip you will pass Ribbon Falls, yet another beautiful water feature in the Grand Canyon – along with other fascinating natural features before arriving at the historic Phantom Ranch and the Colorado River. Technically, it is here that you have arrived at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Day three, it’s time to cross the mighty Colorado River and start moving southward up to the lush and beautiful Indian Gardens. Then it’s onto Plateau Point where you will enjoy sunset at one of the most incredible viewpoints in the entire Grand Canyon park.

Backpacking Grand Canyon with guide

Finally, on Day 4, you will finish your hike on the South Rim, and likely believe it all passed far too quickly. Most reach Day 4 and want to hike Grand Canyon all over again.

So how do you experience this amazing Grand Canyon Rim to Rim tour, even if you don’t have all of the gear necessary to start the journey? Well, it’s actually quite simple as Four Season Guides takes care of all the work on your behalf. Show up with your clothes, toothbrush and a positive attitude and get ready to enjoy your adventure. Four Season Guides will already have obtained the needed permits, and will provide you with all the gear necessary for your trip. These items include: your backpack, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad and trekking poles. So don’t worry – it’s this adventure will not require an overpriced trip to REI.

Four Season Guides also packs and prepares all of your food, sets up your tent, provides daily hiking snacks and more! Can you imagine an adventure where you just show up and all of the details are already taken care of?

Most importantly the Four Season Guides, guides, are professional, licensed and medically trained – so if you have concerns about the hike, you will have a leader and team with you all the way. OK, so now you’re all amped up and ready to start the process of booking your Grand Canyon Rim to Rim adventure? It couldn’t be easier…

For further details on the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Backpacking Trip, check out the Four Season Guides website, which includes each day’s itinerary and how to make reservations. You can also check out a few of the photos we and guests have taken of this incredible trip, to take your excitement level up and over the top. Don’t’ miss out on this once and a lifetime hike – you won’t regret it.

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