Grand Canyon Hiking Tours

The idea of hiking the Grand Canyon can feel daunting, and yet there it is, just sitting there, calling you to come and explore. This powerful draw to venture below the rim is often trumped by a fear of the unknown and results in fewer than 1% of Grand Canyon visitors ever hiking down. While many stroll a short distance down a trail or two to snap some photos, few visitors really experience the views far beneath the rim.

Do I Need A Grand Canyon Guided Tour?

When contemplating hiking or backpacking the Grand Canyon, many may ask whether they need a guide. This is a fair enough question, but there are plenty of others you need to consider. You will need a backcountry permit to hike Grand Canyon and spend a night below the rim. Permits are in high demand and can be difficult to obtain in peak season. The demand for permits far exceeds the use limits established to protect the canyon. A guide service will have obtained the permit ahead of time so that this stress can be eliminated from your adventure planning.

Secondly, adventuring with a guide allows you the freedom and comfort of exploring with a well-qualified individual who has backpacked the Grand Canyon many times before. An experienced guide provides safety and extensive local knowledge, allowing you to enjoy nature with as little stress and uncertainty as possible. The entire experience can be enjoyed knowing you are adequately prepared, and your guide is prepared with all of the food and equipment you’ll need.

Third, if you don’t own backpacking equipment, not to worry. Quality outfitters provide the equipment you need. No need to go out and invest in a heap of gear you might not otherwise use and then lug it all the way to Arizona for your Grand Canyon adventure. They supply it all and make sure it works and fits well. And don’t worry – your Grand Canyon guide will also provide you with a list of items that should be packed on your end as well.

Lastly, backpacking the Grand Canyon with a guide gives you the opportunity to see and experience all the hidden secrets that you may not discover on your own. They know the off the beaten path side canyons, swimming holes, waterfalls and ancient ruins. A guide with years of experience exploring Grand Canyon will make sure you don’t miss a thing.

ancient ruins inside the grand canyon


What If I Don’t Camp?

If you don’t enjoy camping, you can still hike Grand Canyon from top to bottom and back. Outfitters can arrange lodging at Phantom Ranch with a hot shower and comfortable bed. Once at the bottom of the canyon, day hikes are taken from the lodge to explore the various side canyons and viewpoints. Having extra days at the bottom of the Grand Canyon also allows your body to recover and regain its strength for the hike back up.


What if I’m a Seasoned Backpacker?

An experienced guide service will offer backpacking adventures for hardcore backpackers. Knowledge of routes that take you from one rim to the other, ancient ruins deep within the wilderness, and spectacular waterfalls can all be a part of such a trip. If you are experienced and in excellent shape, guides will keep things moving at a pace that you will enjoy. Your outfitter will make sure you are matched with backpackers like yourself who are seeking a more adventurous and challenging experience. Staff are sure to measure your strength at all levels of hiking or backpacking to ensure your trip is most enjoyable.

Experience and years in the business easily allow head guides to intuit who should be in which group ahead of time. Those choosing to adventure are not just thrown together for an ‘in the box’ experience. Each tour is thoughtfully planned out ahead of time so everyone in the group feels comfortable and excited.


About: Four Season Guides is a guide owned and operated outfitter located in Flagstaff, Arizona. Four Season Guides is highly rated on Trip Advisor and is celebrating their 20th year in business.



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