Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Guided Hike

Dear Dave,

Writing after finishing a five-day Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim excursion with Matt and four of my relatives three days ago, and am all set to start planning next year’s trip.

First and foremost, the trip we just finished was just wonderful–all we hoped for and more.   Matt was absolutely terrific as a guide, cook, historian, naturalist, geologist, botanist, ethnologist, paleobiologist and all-round good traveling companion.  Having a guide with Matt’s depth of knowledge, experience (ours being his 358th trip) and love of the Canyon made a huge difference.  Taking five days/four nights to go down, across, back and out, meant we had ample time to explore, learn and appreciate the many things–places, ancient sites and pictographs, animals, plants, historical facts and Canyon trivia and much else–that he showed and explained to us.  Most of the time we had the trail to ourselves, and, as you know, the Grand Canyon is one of the few places in the world that exceeds anything and everything one might expect to encounter there.   With Matt as guide, our party was obviously seeing and experiencing far more of the splendor around us than those who came without a guide.  Plus, he is a really good cook–he served up far more than one would expect on the trail–quesadillas for lunch, beef stroganoff for dinner, bacon and eggs for breakfast, among other delicious meals.  One important menu item–morning coffee–turned out to be really good.  We thought we might be getting instant or something similar, but we got excellent fresh brewed. We all marveled at the quantity and variety of foods that emerged from Matt’s pack each day.

My party of five is unanimous in wanting to return whenever we can. Thanks again for a great experience!

Mark H