A Grand Canyon Visit with a Stay at Phantom Ranch


Grand Canyon River TripIt seems that more and more people are following through on crossing items off their bucket lists in recent years. Sure scuba diving, bungee jumping, and seeing the movie ‘The Bucket List‘ are all sure to entertain, but for sights and memories that will last a lifetime, a visit to the bottom of Grand Canyon is the be-all-end-all.

Instead of simply enjoying the panoramic views of Grand Canyon from telescopes along the rim, get up close and personal with the world famous gorge with a hiking and backpacking excursion right to the heart of it.  Consider a stay at the historic Phantom Ranch , the only developed tourist accommodations in Grand Canyon. It’s a fantastic way to experience the full beauty of the canyon…from the very bottom!

Phantom Ranch is nestled at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, a short walk from the Colorado River. For contrast, the very popular South Rim sits at an elevation of about 7000 feet while the North Rim is somewhere in the neighborhood of 8,200 feet.  But Phantom Ranch is located at an astounding 2,460 feet, about one vertical mile below the rims. The property features cabins, a men’s and women’s dormitory, a restaurant, campground, a sandy beach, and ranger and emergency stations. The site is so popular that reservations are typically fully booked a whole year in advance.

Making Phantom Ranch Your Home Base

Due to the proximity to the Colorado River, Phantom Ranch is a popular base camp for both hikers and rafters. Phantom Ranch is especially hiker friendly because of its location at the bottom of the gorge and the comfortable arrangements available. A traveler can store their belongings at the lodge or cabins during the day and set out light and cover the most ground on their hiking trip. A Grand Canyon hiking tour is typically a relaxing or physically demanding 3-day trip depending on what you make of it:


  • Day One – Drive to the South Rim and prepare for the descent down into the Canyon. The pace is typically slower as hikers take photo opportunities and just soak in the scenic grandeur. Reach the Colorado River and cross over a footbridge to Phantom Ranch for a hot shower and delicious dinner before enjoying an evening under the stars.
  • Day Two – The second day is what you make of it. Either head off on your own or with fellow hikers exploring as many trails and side canyons as possible or spend the day relaxing on the beach or under the shade of the many cottonwood trees.
  • Day Three – The time in paradise comes to an end with an early morning breakfast before setting out along the Colorado River back towards the South Rim. The trek back up is a different route than the one down, so a whole new array of views and landmarks trace the path home.


A Grand Canyon hiking tour to Phantom Ranch is a once-in-a-lifetime event that you’ll yearn to enjoy multiple times in your life!


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