Grand Canyon Yoga Retreat

Hello Dave,
16 of us returned just a couple of weeks ago and I can safely say, ‘we’re all still in the after glow’ of one of the best trips ever. As a yoga retreat based trip, I didn’t fully grasp what was coming.

Firstly, the Havasupai Reservation and Falls are spectacular. Our access to the most gorgeous falls, rivers and views were off the scales. I’ve traveled extensively in EU, Asia and the US —- this was in the top five places for beauty and nature at it’s most dramatic.

Secondly, our guides; Scott, Jeremy, Brandon and Ammity were TOP NOTCH. No one could have told us how friendly, informative, caring and giving they would be. Our journey was not only visually unique, but the entire experience was perfect. It’s been awhile since I’ve been camping and I’ll be honest here; my least favorite parts was setting up camp, cooking, cleaning up and breaking camp. All this our guides performed seamlessly and graciously.

An entire paragraph must be devoted to what we ate and drank. Who knew the coffee was going to be THAT GOOD! French Press? My family still doesn’t believe me. The food was delicious, healthy, and plentiful. Most of us are parents so to sit back and truly relax on a camping trip is something I’ve certainly not experienced before.

We learned so much from our guides. Each one had their own gift to share. And I should mention, if any of us developed a sore foot or toe, these guys took care of us like mother should.

Finally, the planning. From orientation at the hotel in Flagstaff, to the comfortable vans we took to each site of exploration – everything was perfect! What was unexpected was the wonderful dinner in Boulder Creek. The dining was perfectly timed (between hiking out of the Grand Canyon and kayaking in the Black Canyon).

There really are not the words to describe what we saw and for me, certainly not how I felt while in the wonderful locations. But Four Seasons was truly a big big part of how I’ll remember this trip of a lifetime.

Your guys rock,