Hiking Grand Canyon with a Guide

Hiking Grand Canyon can be such an exhilarating and wondrous experience. The beauty and scale of the landscape are breathtaking, drawing massive crowds to see it every year. For those unfamiliar with the terrain yet eager to explore below the rim, you may want to consider hiring a guide. Here are a few advantages to hiking Grand Canyon with a guide.

Why Choose to Hike Grand Canyon with a Guide?


In a word: convenience. Beyond the physical fitness requirements, there are numerous logistical considerations involved with planning a Grand Canyon hiking trip. Let the responsibility fall to your chosen guide service to plan the best itinerary, provide the gear, pack the food, and arrange transportation. This leaves you to simply enjoy the trip, free from the stress of wondering if you remembered everything.

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Perhaps the most overlooked reason for hiring a guide for your Grand Canyon hike is their ability to navigate the highly competitive permitting system. All backpacking trips in Grand Canyon require a backcountry permit, typically obtained about 4 months in advance via a lottery-based system that can receive thousands of submissions every month. An experienced guide service will possess a thorough understanding of the entry process and handles the entire process for you.


What Are The Best Guided hikes in Grand Canyon?


There are a wide variety of hikes to consider in Grand Canyon: some lasting only a few hours, others spanning multiple days. Depending on your hiking experience and the amount of time you want to spend exploring the great outdoors, there’s likely the perfect option for you.


There are several backpacking tours, including the popular Rim to Rim hike, that highlight Grand Canyon’s North and South Rim’s most spectacular scenery. With backpacking tours, you will venture into the canyon’s wilderness, camp somewhere new and exciting each night, and enjoy the rugged and awe-inspiring terrain of the Inner Canyon.


Lodge-based hiking tours afford the opportunity to be an explorer by day and offering you a comfy bed, hot shower and restaurant dining in the evenings. Lodge-based tours, like the Canyons and Cultures Sightseeing Tour by Four Season Guides, allow you to appreciate the unique and stunning landscapes of Northern Arizona and learn about the area’s cultural history.


When hiking Grand Canyon with a guide, your worries disappear and your mind and soul can open up to the beautiful landscape that surrounds you.

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