JoAnne – Escalante Route, Grand Canyon

On each trip to the canyons it’s impossible to imagine how the experience you offer can match the incredible journeys and magical landscapes from previous hikes. But every year my brain is fried and once again your trips were beyond every expectation!

FSG’s collection of special people and their extraordinary talents continues to amaze. Brian S. combines superhero back country feats (and feet) with an ability to see well beyond the horizon. Rocking the cook, medical and sewing kits with ease, everything flows seamlessly. Blair who can fend off hungry chubs with only a pot scraper and fly over rocky terrain is clearly another product of the hiking god gene pool. Dave and Bob, all star guides on porter detail, gambol down the Tanner with monster loads and then head back up to the rim the next day! Uberorganized Ryanne never missing a beat, handles the challenging logistics and multiple menu accommodations, all while breathing for two. The brilliantly talented ringmaster himself, Brian T. works the vertical Salt Creek trail and the backstage to keep everybody happy. No ordinary mortals in this outfit!!! It is very much a privilege and an honor to be a part of any FSG trip. Many, many appreciative thanks for everything you do at FSG!!!