Rim to Rim Backpacking Trip

Hi Dave,

I want to tell you that my rim to rim hike was exhilarating, exciting, excruciating, and absolutely the most satisfying adventure I’ve ever been on. You could not have put together a better group of fellow hikers, and a totally fantastic guide in Lily. There has not been a day I don’t think about it. When I think about how many people visit the canyon, and how very few do what we did, what a sense of accomplishment. Thank you. When a person stands at the Bright Angel terminus and stares across to our starting point, you can’t help but think it’s impassable. Lily was absolutely fantastic. We had danger, with the thunderstorm going down from the north, to the rattler heading up, which  one of us would have stepped on if not for Lily. On the trail we saw one of your competitors, I’m so glad I went with you. You can ask Lily about the guy from ‘the other company’. I have and will always recommend Four Seasons. You and your staff are 1st class.

Thank You very much!  

Rich H.

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