Sarah and Jeff – Rim to Rim

Guides. Brian, you should be very proud of the way your people represent you and FSG. They are true pros. Dave – like Scott on our first trip – is two parts guide, one part comedian/conversationalist, and one part cook. His knowledge and familiarity with the canyon blew us away. It really started to feel as if he was doing more than guiding us through the trip — he was hosting us in a place he truly loves and respects. We felt safe yet challenged the entire time.

Preparation. Your website and trip materials do an excellent job of setting expectations and building excitement. We knew how to train and what to bring and where to go. You guys make it easy. And your accessibility made asking/emailing pre-trip questions feel comfortable, too. I felt like a member of the Four Seasons family!

Itinerary. This trip was PERFECT. The days were challenging but didn’t wear us out. We were thrilled with the balance of hiking and downtime — it gave us both an unforgettable trip and a chance to relax. A rainstorm on Day 3 meant we had to forgo our evening at Plateau Point – but Dave never missed a beat. It is what it is — and we had a fun evening at camp instead. This trip was truly a classic itinerary — and a perfect first impression of the canyon.

Well done, Four Season Guides. Truly. We are already looking for Trip #3.