Sedona Hiking

The word “Sedona” conjures up magical images in the hiker’s mind. The name itself is a trick of the mind, dreamed up by the mother of the wife of the town’s first postmaster, Sedona Arabella Miller Schnebly.

Hiking in Sedona Arizona, there are endless trails to try.

The Missouri native was well-known for her hospitality to travelers to the Flagstaff, Arizona area around the turn of the 20th century and when the new town was formed in 1902 it was suggested to name the new place after her. Sedona’s mother had always explained that she made up the name because “it sounded pretty.”


“Pretty” only begins to describe Sedona. The hills of the Verde Valley are littered with vibrant red and orange sandstone formations that are found only here. Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, Courthouse Butte and Devils Bridge are familiar residents in the portfolios of Arizona professional photographers.

Sedona Hikes and Oak Creek Canyon


By the way, in the geological world these fascinating formations in Red Rock Country are named for the town’s pioneers as well – the Schnebly Hill formation.


Day Hiker’s Paradise


More than 100 trails crisscross the high desert country around Sedona so it is not without merit that the town bills itself as the “Day Hike Capital of America.” With so many hikes to choose from you will want to make sure you pick the best canyons to traverse and the most scenic overlooks to summit. That’s where our experienced Sedona hiking guides come in. Sedona is our backyard and we have been exploring this red rock wilderness for decades.


Four Season Guides has designed some Sedona day hikes for beginners and more strenuous treks in the Coconino National Forest for those seeking a challenge on the trail.

Sedona Hiking Trails

Our adventure on Wilson Mountain, for instance, covers eight miles and awards the effort with views of the rugged San Francisco Peaks from the highest point in Sedona.


We will lead you to all the spots necessary to check off your life list of famous Sedona landmarks and introduce you to paths less traveled like Loy Canyon, an old cattle trail that transitions from a desert canyon environment straight out of Hollywood (movie companies love to shoot in Sedona) into the Ponderosa pine forest on a canyon rim.


Can’t Do It All In A Day


Long day hikes in Sedona only whet the appetite for more of the natural and cultural splendors of this unique slice of the Southwest. So we have also bundled short hikes into multi-day lodge-based adventures for those who want to pack as much Red Rock Country experience into their trip as possible. We are delighted to add Sedona day hikes to our menu of traditional backpacking tours and we know you will be too. We are already trying to figure out an answer to what will surely be your most obvious question – “What took you so long?”

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