See the Grand Canyon in a New Light – On a Backpacking Trip

Deer CreekHollywood has visited the Grand Canyon in a number of films, from the Transformers to Thelma & Louise to National Lampoon’s Vacation but the Griswold’s never took full advantage of the sights with an exquisite backpacking trip through the area. The cavernous region is beautiful from the road or even the telescopes perched above but backpacking the Grand Canyon gets you up close and personal with one of the most immaculate wonders the world has ever seen.

The Options

One of the best things about a backpacking excursion to the Grand Canyon is that there are options for everybody. For the experienced land surveyor you can take your belongings and trek the 30+ miles while camping under the desert stars over the course of 5 days. For those just getting their stripes a rented mule can carry your clothes and essentials while you work your way through the terrain and stay at a comfortable lodge on each of the 3 nights. Either way your Instagram account will be bursting with one of a kind pictures that will etch your trip in eternity.

The Trip Itself

Some people can cram all the sights of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon into a single guided day tour that will leave a lasting impression. Guides will point you in the direction of the best viewpoints and the scenic shots noticed in some of your favorite Hollywood flicks. You can also partake in moderate to strenuous excursions that involve becoming one with the land over popular Grand Canyon areas such as Phantom Ranch or Horseshoe Mesa. Trips involve hiking and mountain climbing by day with camping and conversing under the stars by night.

A visit to the Grand Canyon should be high on every person’s bucket list but why waste the trip by viewing the sights from the back seat of a Wagon Queen Family Truckster? Instead take one of the 7 natural wonders of the world literally in your hand with a backpacking adventure you’ll never forget.

Four Seasons Guides is your one stop shop to see some of the most illustrious destinations in the world one on one. Your trip might range from a day to a week or more but your memories will be something you take with you the rest of your life. To view our trip locations and schedules please visit

How You Can Hike The Grand Canyon

1. Basecamp Hiking Tours – A basecamp is set up and each day embarks on a new and exciting hike.
2. Lodge Based Tours – Don’t like camping – stay at one of the Grand Canyon Lodges while hiking daily out from the lodge and back.
3. Day Hikes – A variety of day hikes for those who only have 6 to 8 hours to explore.
4. Backpacking Tours – These backpacking trips include Rim to Rim, Bright Angel Loop, Hermit Loop and more.
5. Mule Assisted Support – Enjoy hiking  and camping in Grand Canyon without having to carry a backpack.

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