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The Grand Canyon One-Percenter’s Club: Exploring Below the Rim

Is 2017 the year you join the ranks of the one-percenters – the one percent of the annual five million visitors to the Grand Canyon that explore below the rim? The first thing newcomers to the canyon (the adventurous ones anyway) think after they recover from their awe and amazement is, “Wouldn’t it be cool […]

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Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Hiking Tour

Hi Dave, We’re back, settled in and everyone is reveling in memories and laughter from our wonderful Rim to Rim hike. I have only the finest things to say about our guides, Matt and Brandon. Their guidance, patience, and knowledge are unsurpassed. Wrangling nine women throughout the day was no easy task, I’m sure!  Matt […]

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Grand Canyon Tour

Spring Break 2017 Ideas: Backpack Grand Canyon

    Is a Grand Canyon backpacking trip on your Bucket List? Consider a guided trip for Spring Break 2017! The wildflowers start blooming in mid to late March and the temps are perfect for some backcountry exploration. Many trips to choose from for all levels of experience. It’s time to Backpack Grand Canyon! Maybe […]

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Benefits of Backpacking the Grand Canyon with a Professional Guide

Backpacking The Grand Canyon Rare is the person who when presented with the idea of taking a scenic hike through the spectacular Grand Canyon replies, “you know, that just doesn’t sound very fun.” That being said, much more frequent are the individuals who might say, “I’d love to but that just sounds too overwhelming.”  A […]

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