Preparation is the key to any successful endeavor. And this couldn’t be more true for your upcoming hiking trip! And although we have taken great care to prepare for every aspect of your trip, only you can physically prepare yourself for the adventure. Proper physical conditioning will lead to a much more enjoyable experience, not only for you, but for each member of your group. Though we offer trips that can accommodate a variety of fitness levels, all of our trips are focused on being active outside for at least 6 to 8 hours each day. If you are not regularly active, be sure that you have allowed yourself at least 4 to 6 months to train for your hike and start immediately!

Backpacking trips are the most strenuous trip style and will require excellent fitness, strength, stamina, and balance. You will be expected to carry anywhere from 30 to 40 pounds each day (depending on the specific trip) while traversing challenging terrain. Basecamp and lodge-based hiking trips are less physically demanding than backpacking trips but they are still active pursuits requiring good fitness and stamina and a desire to spend the vast majority of each day hiking and exploring. Once you book an adventure, we will provide you with detailed training suggestions specific to the trip you have selected.

  • One of the best ways to prepare for a hiking trip is to hike regularly. Discover hiking trails in your area and get out each week and spend a few hours exploring. Start with shorter hikes of 3 or 4 miles and gradually work your way up to 6 to 8 miles. Trails that feature plenty of hills will be best.
  • If you are joining a backpacking trip, it is advised that you start carrying some weight on your back while you hike. You will be required to be able to carry at least 30 pounds on your backpacking trip so it would be wise to gradually work up to that amount over the course of your training.
  •  If you don’t have easy access to hiking trails, then you will want to hit the gym on a regular basis. We recommend 60-minute workouts, 3 times a week. Cardiovascular workouts, strength training and stretching are all important aspects of your exercise regime. Consider running, swimming, bicycling, stair-master and elliptical workouts.
  • Try climbing the stairs in nearby office buildings or running up and down the bleachers at the local high school stadium.

There are countless ways to get a good heart-pounding workout. The most important thing is that you are exercising regularly and frequently! Walking the dog around the block for one hour per week will NOT properly prepare you for your hiking trip. Once you register for a trip, you will receive a detailed trip informationpacket that includes a recommended training program specific to the trip you are embarking upon. Do yourself, and everyone else in your group, a favor and take our suggestions seriously.

If you have any specific questions or concerns about your fitness level, please do not hesitate to contact us (928-525-1552). Our staff will be happy to discuss appropriate training for the hike you are joining. We also strongly encourage you to consult your doctor before starting any new exercise program.

*Being properly physically prepared for you hike is solely your responsibility. Guests who must be evacuated from a trip due to improper physical preparation will not receive any refunds and will likely incur additional expenses related to the evacuation. 

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