What is a Basecamp Adventure?

Four Season Guides Basecamp Adventures


Admit it. As much as you love backpacking there are those days when you wish you could just end a long day of hiking at a great campsite that’s already set up and you can just kick back and relax. That is the attraction of the basecamp experience – a scenic campsite outfitted with tents, food, kitchen and campfire supplies all at the ready. No packing and unpacking. No set-up, breakdown, repeat…every day. And you don’t have to lug it all on your back every day. Some call it easy camping.

What to look for in a basecamp adventure


  1. Local knowledge. A basecamp adventure will be a sure bust if there is no “adventure” away from camp. So picking the ideal destination to set up operations is a must. Outfitters need to have been to an area many times to know the best day hikes and scout out opportunities for exciting explorations.


  1. Preparations. Things can go awry in the wilderness; that’s why it is called an adventure. Proper planning won’t guarantee a perfect basecamp experience but it will go a long way to handling those unexpected inconveniences. You won’t have to worry about planning for every possible eventuality and packing (or over-packing) accordingly.


  1. Flexibility. Four Seasons Guides will outfit your “home” with whatever comforts your hiking group requires (within reason, of course!). Whatever your level of sybaritic tendencies, after each day you will be able to relax and refresh while gourmet meals are prepared by your guide.


  1. Equipment. The southwest desert is a region of extremes, from the terrain to the temperatures. To handle these extremes requires proper equipment and it is nice to know those supplies are available at the basecamp when needed – and not hauled around in your backpack.


  1. Sustainability. Pack it in, pack it out. It is not always easy being a good citizen of the world. But the basecamp adventure experience helps minimize your wilderness footprint and you don’t have to carry your trash for days.


Don’t let the word “comfort” fool you


While Four Season’s basecamp adventures make camping hassle-free, we are still out hiking and exploring all day. Just because you are wearing a light daypack does not mean you are missing out on the wonders of Bryce or Zion or Escalante. If anything, you have extra time to hike while camp duties are being accounted for. Without a big backpack there is more to explore.


And with a basecamp, our guides are free to tailor the tour to the group’s desires. So many great destinations to choose from. There is no pressure to make the next campsite on the trek. Everything is set up and waiting for our return. Basecamps were simply made for southwest adventuring – in style and comfort.

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