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What is a Lodge Based Adventure?

Having the opportunity to hike into the depths of some of the Southwest’s most gorgeous and unique regions doesn’t require hauling a large backpack around nor camping.


At Four Season Guides a Lodge Based Adventure won’t include personal butlers and crystal goblets but these multi-day hikes won’t fall into the category of “roughing it” either. We understand that you may want to enjoy a good hike followed by a comfortable bed and a hot shower.


With Four Season Guides Lodge Based Adventures, you don’t have to lay out a sleeping bag every night to experience the thrill of the magnificence of the Southwestern backcountry. Enthusiasm for the outdoors and a dollop of civilization need not be mutually exclusive.Utah The Narrows

With our hikes, you will be covering five miles or more, visiting slot canyons and cascading waterfalls or just soaking in the amazing colors of the sculpted rocks. Our expert hiking guides will lead you on treasured National Park trails and along off-the-beaten path that only the “pros” know about. For novices on our hiking tours we supply daypacks and trekking poles. Our Lodge-Based trips include hiking the Grand Canyon and staying at Phantom Ranch, hiking Marble Canyon, hiking Moab in Southern Utah or Escalante as well as Zion and Bryce Canyons.


Back Country Cookout Four Season GuidesAll of our lodge based adventures have one thing in common – at night you can stow your hiking poles and cameras in a private room and enjoy a nice bed.


Meals on our Lodge Based Adventures range from back-country cookouts to sampling genuine Southwestern cuisine and local refreshments at historic lodges. Evenings are reserved for star-gazing or even a taste of desert-flavored nightlife in town. We guarantee you will have earned that hot meal and rejuvenating sleep in a soft bed before hitting the trail the next day!

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