Yosemite National Park: Hiking Half Dome, Part 2

Yosemite Hiking Tours

In Part 1, we talked about hiking Half Dome as a long day hike from Yosemite Valley. The other way, and the preferred alternative is to summit the Half Dome as part of a longer overnight backpacking trip in Yosemite’s outstanding backcountry.

There are a number of fantastic Yosemite Hiking Tours that can include a summit of Half Dome.  It can be a grand finale to a weeklong adventure, with your final night spent at the popular Little Yosemite Valley campground. Regardless of where you hike on your way to Half Dome, you will want to spend the night prior to summiting somewhere in close proximity to the Half Dome trail. There are some great campsites on the John Muir Trail along Sunrise Creek that will leave you about 2 to 3 miles from the cables heading up to the top. If you really want a magnificent experience, plan for a VERY early start on the morning of your summit. This way, you will beat the crowds coming from the campground in Little Yosemite Valley and those doing it as a day hike. You will likely also beat any potential afternoon thunderstorms and can enjoy the beauty of the early morning twilight and sunrise as you huff and puff up the Sub Dome.

Once on top, it will be likely that the space will have ‘just you’ on it, so take your time, soak in the wonderful views, have some food, and give yourself a high-five!! Once you come back down, you can head back to your camp, pack up your belongings, and head on down to Little Yosemite Valley for your final night of camping.

There are certainly plenty of other ways to include a Half Dome summit on your backpacking trip. A really great trip starts up in the high country by Tenaya Lake. Spend a few days backpacking through alpine terrain as you make your way towards Yosemite Valley. Consider a summit of the equally fantastic Clouds Rest along the way. Another option is to hike in via Cathedral Lakes near Tuolumne Meadows. These gorgeous alpine lakes are a great place to camp on your first night. Either of these suggestions will provide a fantastic 4 or 5-day trip that will introduce you to some of Yosemite’s outstanding backcountry!


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