Four Season Guides began offering guided backpacking trips in Grand Canyon in 1999 with the simple mission of providing outstanding backcountry adventures to people interested in an active, outdoor-based vacation. Our passion for exploring the wild and beautiful landscapes of the Southwestern US led us to pursue a career dedicated to sharing this experience with anyone willing and able to join us on an adventure. We recognize the powerful effect that several days spent exploring incredible landscapes can have on a person’s well-being. We are here to provide a safe and comfortable opportunity for you to experience the magic of these amazing places first-hand.

What We Do

Four Season Guides offers guided hiking tours and backpacking adventures across the incredible landscapes of the American Southwest. Choose from a wide selection of hiking tours in Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Zion, Bryce, Canyonlands, and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Backpacking trips offer the ultimate adventure and the opportunity to experience maximum solitude in more remote locations. Basecamping trips explore beautiful backcountry but return to a comfortable, well-appointed camp each night. For those looking for the thrill of exploration without sleeping under the stars, our popular lodge-based hiking tours feature outstanding hikes to incredible destinations by day and comfortable lodge accommodations each evening. Our expert-led and fully-inclusive tours provide an experience of exceptional quality in any adventure you choose to discover. And with over 40 unique trips catering to small or large groups, private tours and custom-designed itineraries, we’ll help you create an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime.

Who We Are

We’ re a small, locally owned and operated guide service based in Flagstaff, AZ, a bustling little hub for outdoor adventuring across the Southwest. We’re a handful of adventurous folks with a true love for exploring the canyons, mesas and mountains right outside our front doors.  We’ve come to know these areas very well and we appreciate the opportunity to share our discoveries with our guests. When we’re not leading others through the backcountry, we’re out exploring new trails and routes on our own. This is what we live for and we are grateful for the opportunity to be able to make it our profession.

Owner Dave Logan

I have been exploring the canyons, mesas and mountains of the Southwest since 1996 when I arrived in Arizona from my childhood home in Pennsylvania at the age of 19. It all started with that first glimpse over the edge. The yawning abyss of Grand Canyon has a way of awakening a sense of adventure and exploration in many a visitor and for me it did exactly that. The next 18 years were spent walking endless miles through Grand Canyon, sleeping countless nights beneath the stars and leading hundreds of guests on guided trips. Grand Canyon’s labyrinths led to the canyons and mesas of southern Utah, which in turn led to the Rocky Mountains of southwestern Colorado and Yosemite’s High Sierra. Each trip into the backcountry was an adventure offering truly meaningful experiences and a sense of ultimate freedom. Over the years I have come to know these places intimately and love them passionately. The opportunity to share this experience with others and possibly help foster a similar appreciation for these wild and wonderful places is both a pleasure and a privilege.

I joined Four Season Guides in 2005 and spent 8 years working as a full-time trip leader. In that time I managed to spend about 1500 days and nights in the backcountry, honing and refining my skills as a trip leader. I bought the company in 2013 from founder and friend, Brian Treacy. What Brian had put together was a small company of the some of the most talented and knowledgeable guides in the Southwest. We were not only coworkers but also close friends and there was always a sense of family in our small group. That atmosphere that Brian created and nurtured always impressed me and it’s one that I strive to continue.

Our Mission

Arizona hiking guides

Four Season Guides strives to provide an experience of exceptional quality in any adventure you choose to discover. We recognize the potential of an outstanding outdoor recreational experience to significantly contribute to an individual’s personal well-being as well as foster a greater appreciation for the incredible landscapes and wild places of the American Southwest and beyond. We are committed to minimum impact principles and promote Leave No Trace outdoor ethics without exception. We offer confidence and safety through our quality equipment, comprehensive risk management and competent, professional guiding staff.

Why Travel With FSG

Top-Ranked Tour Company

Don’t take our word for it. More than a thousand 5-Star reviews on TripAdvisor will attest to the quality of our adventures.

Exceptional Guides

Our guiding staff consists primarily of seasoned veterans who have been guiding professionally, full-time, for a decade or more. In addition to their extensive experience, our guides are fun, accommodating, approachable, entertaining, polite and just plain good people.

All-Inclusive Tours

We’re at work, you’re on vacation! We take care of all the logistics associated with a backcountry adventure and handling all the dirty work. Gear, food, permits, transportation…we have you covered and it’s all included.

Local Experts

The Southwestern U.S. is our home and our passion. We’ve been exploring this region for decades and know it intimately. This is our niche and nobody does it better.