Join us for an unforgettable hike through the unearthly landscape of Havasu Canyon and the Havasupai Falls. Our guided Havasu Falls hiking tours offer a spectacular Grand Canyon experience. Amazing blue-green waterfalls pour over massive limestone cliffs and hydrate this lush canyon oasis. Hike through winding desert canyons, towering layers of red rock, a remote village inhabited by the Havasupai and camp along the banks of beautiful Havasu Creek. Here you will spend the next few days exploring the depths of this magnificent destination and swimming in the Havasupai Waterfalls. Four Seasons has been offering guided Havasu Falls hiking tours for nearly two decades and our local knowledge and experience assures you the best adventure available. Join us today and spend your next vacation swimming, splashing and exploring the waters of the Havasupai!

Choose from a variety of Havasupai Hiking Tours. Our standard 3 or 4 day Havasu Falls Tours offer fantastic hiking and camping in this world famous canyon oasis. Our Best of Grand Canyon tour features the 3-day Havasu Falls Tour plus a full day at Grand Canyon’s South Rim where we explore below the
rim on one of the park’s stunning trails.

For the ultimate adventure, we offer the Havasu Falls Hiking/Black Canyon Kayaking Combo. Enjoy 3 days exploring the Havasupai Waterfalls plus 2 days flat-water kayaking on the Colorado River below Hoover Dam. Whichever Havasu Falls hiking tour you choose, you are sure to experience the trip of a lifetime.

Havasu Falls 3-Day


Trip Type: Hiking & Camping

Duration: 3 days

Distance: 25 miles

Difficulty: Intermediate

Havasu Falls 4-Day


Trip Type: Hiking & Camping

Duration: 4 days

Distance: 30+ miles

Difficulty: Intermediate

Havasu Falls Hiking/Black Canyon Kayaking Combo


Trip Type: Hiking & Camping/Kayaking

Duration: 5 Days

Distance: 26 miles hiking/12 miles kayaking

Difficulty: Intermediate

Best of
Grand Canyon


Trip Type: Hiking & Camping

Duration: 4 Days

Distance: 32 miles

Difficulty: Intermediate

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