Why Choose FSG

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Tried & True Since 1999

Four Season Guides is one of the longest continuously-operating hiking guide services in Grand Canyon. When we started, there were only a couple of hiking companies regularly leading trips there. Those other companies have come and gone but we have continued to operate in Grand Canyon and over the years have expanded to include destinations in many well-known and lesser-known parts of southern Utah, as well as Yosemite National Park.

Dedicated, Professional Guides

Our guiding staff consists primarily of seasoned veterans who have been guiding professionally, full-time, for a decade or more. A few of us have been with FSG the entire time. We see very little turnover in our guiding staff and consider this a testament to the excellent work environment we maintain. Our guides are dedicated, passionate outdoor leaders with extensive knowledge of the areas in which they work. Besides the required industry standard qualifications, the guides at Four Seasons possess the ultimate qualification: years of extensive, hands-on field experience with thousands of guests. Our guides are career-orientated, not just working a fun job for the summer. Finally, our guides are fun, accommodating, approachable, entertaining, polite and just plain good people.

Excellent Guest Reviews

In the age of online review websites such as Trip Advisor, we are thrilled to enjoy the highest ratings year after year, including Certificates of Excellence/Traveler’s Choice Award every year since 2013. It’s not uncommon for our guests to return year after year seeking out new adventures. We have a number of guests who have been traveling with us for over a decade, sampling every tour we offer. At this point we even create new, custom adventures for them every time they return. Don’t just take our word for it…visit the Trip Advisor website and see for yourself!

Small Company, Unbeatable Customer Service

We are proud to be a small, locally-owned company. Our small size helps us ensure that we maintain the highest level of customer service in the industry for each guest, every time. In fact, owner Dave Logan personally corresponds with 99% of our guests at some point during their experience with us. You can also be assured that you will always be traveling with professionals. We maintain a small staff because the best guides in the industry are hard to come by and we don’t just hire anyone with a backpack and a pair of hiking boots. We hold our staff to the highest standards for outdoor professionalism and provide an unbeatable working environment that ensures the best of the best will stick with our team.

Excellent Gear, Amazing Food

We provide top-quality backpacks, tents, air mattresses, trekking poles, and backcountry cooking equipment. We will get you fully outfitted with excellent gear and show you how it all works.

Our guides are pretty amazing backcountry chefs so you can rest assured that you will eat very well out there! We use a lot of fresh ingredients in our creations and provide filling, flavorful and well-balanced meals. We regularly accommodate special dietary needs such as vegetarian and gluten-free and will work closely with our guests to ensure that any special needs are met. Don’t plan to lose weight on our trips! You will eat very well.

Small Groups, Personalized Attention

Our average group size is 6 people. Small groups allow us to offer the best customer service for every person on our trips. Our guides are better able to accommodate the needs of each person, as well as more meaningfully engage with everyone on a personal level. We learn your names, we get to know more about you and we foster an environment in which you will feel safe and welcome.

We can certainly accommodate larger groups but we will be sure that such groups are managed in a manner that will minimize our impact on the environment and other visitors.

Impeccable Safety Record

We have been leading people through the backcountry for over 15 years and our safety record is second to none. There are certainly inherent risks associated with backcountry travel but our focus on comprehensive risk management, careful guest health screening and conservative approach to risk analysis ensures that accidents and injuries are extremely rare. In the event of such an occurrence, all of our guides are thoroughly trained and certified Wilderness First Responders or EMTs, satellite phone communication is always on hand and an in-house emergency response system is readily available.

We Take Care of Everything

We’re at work, you’re on vacation! We want to provide you with the best outdoor vacation experience imaginable. A big part of that is taking care of all the logistics associated with a backcountry adventure and handling all the dirty work. You show up with your clothes, toothbrush and a positive attitude and we will take care of everything else. We do the driving, we setup and breakdown camp, we do all the cooking and the cleaning. We want you to be able to spend as much time enjoying the beautiful surroundings as possible.