Four Season Guides Gears Up To Celebrate 20 Years in Business

Four Season Guide Dave Logan

Four Season Guides, located in Flagstaff, Arizona is gearing up to celebrate 20 years in business as a tour operator. The business, which is located in Northern Arizona, not far from the Grand Canyon, is both locally owned and owner-operated.

When people hear the brand “Four Season”, they often confuse it with the resort – whereas anybody who has camped or backpacked understands how gear is rated for all four seasons. This is how the Four Season Guides’ company built its name.

Taking groups of individuals hiking in all four seasons, the owner, Dave Logan, understands the intricacies of the desert landscape. “We never touch slot canyons or certain areas during flash flood season, as it is far too dangerous,” Logan said. “There are many beautiful places to see during every season and we design our trips for safety and maximum enjoyment.”

Four Season Guides is primarily the Grand Canyon backpacking and hiking go-to company. Hiking Rim to Rim of the Grand Canyon, or to the bottom with a stay at Phantom Ranch – Four Season Guides makes sure they have something for everyone. The owner asks each inquirer about their health and fitness level, what type of adventure they are seeking, whether they wish to backpack, camp at a basecamp or just hike during the day and stay in a comfortable lodge each night. From this point, groups are put together based on common interests and physical capacity.

If you don’t feel like you’re in shape for a strenuous hike or backpacking adventure – not to worry. You can train for your trip with these backpacking training tips.

“Matching people carefully for the last twenty years has become an art,” Logan said. “We try to put people together who want to take a leisurely hike with likeminded people. If somebody else wants to go more extreme, we will make sure they have a group that has equal interest.”

four season guides yosemite national park

During the summer months, when the deserts of southern Utah and the Grand Canyon are often too warm to hike, Four Season Guides offers trips in California’s Yosemite National Park. The park is at its perfect season during the summer, there are gorgeous lakes, wildflower meadows, stunning peaks, and endless trails offering incredible views. For those seeking heart-pounding adventure, there is also an ascent of Half Dome.

Grand Canyon fanatics, those who want to go beyond looking over the rim, love Four Season Guides’ variety of trips. Just look at the Trip Advisor reviews to see what others have to say, and which trips were rated as their favorite. And yes, Four Season Guides is taking limited tours into Havasu Falls.

Havasu Falls, located on the lower end of the Grand Canyon on the Havasupai Indian Reservation, is a very popular spot. And such popularity has been propelled with Instagram posts showcasing its gorgeous turquoise waterfalls.

Permits to the Havasu Falls are limited and trips fill up fast. But don’t despair if you can’t get into Havasu – there are more secluded, lesser-known waterfalls, and natural arches in these canyons that few people visit. And Four Season Guides is here to take you to these magnificent places.


hike the Grand Canyon Complete

Lastly, the best part of hiking with Four Season Guides and their carefully trained and super-fun guides, is that the trip is all-inclusive. If you don’t own all the gear for a hiking or backpacking adventure and have no interest in buying it all – no worries. Four Season Guides will provide you with just about everything you need to make the trip. Tents, backpacks, food… it’s all provided!

So what are you waiting for? Choose your tour, give Dave a call, ask all the questions you want and plan your 2018-19 trip now before slots fill up. When you’ve been in the biz for twenty years, word has spread that Four Season Guides is the tour outfitter you want to take you to all that the Southwest has to offer.

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