Introducing Huppybar: The Official Nutrition Bar of Four Season Guides!


No outdoor adventure can be successful and enjoyable without one major ingredient: good food! And though a trip with Four Season Guides will never leave you hungry, with delicious breakfasts, lunches, and hearty dinners, every hiker needs something to satisfy those between-meal cravings.

And we are thrilled to introduce you to Huppybar, the Official Nutrition Bar of Four Season Guides! Huppybars, the creation of Flagstaff-local Lyndsay Hupp, were essentially born in the Grand Canyon, during Lyndsay’s days as a river guide on the mighty Colorado. Feeling unsatisfied with the usual suspects in the group snack bags (granola bars, GORP, peanut butter crackers, etc.), she set out to create a snack experience that fulfilled ‘her cravings, creativity, and commitment to healthy eating’. So Huppy designed the perfect bar: delicious, nutrient dense, and satisfying to the core.

Huppybars are whole food nut and seed Nutrition Bars, inspired by adventure. Featuring lots of great organic ingredients and no preservatives, refined sugars, or GMOs, these nutrient-dense bars offer a healthy, delicious, and filling alternative to  standard trail-snack staples that are often nothing more than sugar-bombs in disguise. Packed with nuts and seeds, low in sugar, and always gluten, soy, and dairy FREE, Huppybars are a healthy, delightful addition to every adventurer’s snack stash.

You’ll always find a tasty variety of Huppybars on each & every FSG adventure including: Coconut Date Ginger, Pecan Orange Spice, AZT Wild Mesquite, and (my personal favorite) Chocolate Java! Though Huppybars are quickly spreading beyond the borders of Arizona, you might not yet find them in your neck of the woods. But if you’re looking for a tasty new fuel for your own adventures (or not-always-so-adventurous daily life), visit where you learn more and order online. Or discover these scrumptious gems on your next Four Season Guides trip!

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