5 Best Places to Get Your Southwest Instagram Selfie

If you have spent any time on Instagram, you have probably noticed a few of the same beautiful landscapes showing up over and over. Many of these places are located in the Southwest. The blue pools and waterfalls, slot canyons with orange light pouring into them, slickrock expanses, swimming holes, deep canyons or horseshoe-shaped river bends are just a few places people love to ‘Like’.


Four Season Guides has been traveling to all of these places for the past twenty years and know some of the best locations to really take in a unique view that will make all of your friends envious.

horseshoe bend

So, what are some of the best places to visit for a selfie?


  1. Horseshoe Bend Overlook – Gaze down upon the Colorado River as it winds around a large sandstone bluff that offers a beautiful curve. From high above this yawning abyss, the view is simply breathtaking. Standing on the edge of the cliff from various angles, with the greenish river running below, will offer an epic photo. This is one of the top Instagram Images of 2019.
  2. Grand Canyon – Of course, the Grand Canyon is at the top of the list of great places to take a selfie, because, who really visits the Grand Canyon without taking a selfie? There are a number of amazing views at this gorgeous Wonder of the World and Four Season Guides knows where to find them. Both the South & North Rims offer stunning viewpoints for your treasured pic but the Inner Canyon does as well! A guided hike below the rim will lead you to a view that few others have captured.
  3. Zion National Park’s Narrows. Wade through the water between towering canyon walls and explore what Zion has to offer. Each turn of this sinuous gorge offers a fresh view that’s unlike the others. The water is refreshing during the summer heat and the canyon’s walls offer welcome shade.
  4. Bryce Canyon’s Hoodoos- Teetering towers of multi-hued sandstone spread out below you in a vast, natural amphitheater. Photograph yourself above the hoodoos looking down, or among them, as you hike below. Your friends will think you had landed on Mars and are exploring some unknown, distant world.
  5. Slot Canyons – There are a number of tight and winding slot canyons in northern Arizona and southern Utah that Four Season Guides explores on their adventures. Each canyon offers its own unique qualities and personality. Each canyon, formed by millennia of intermittent torrents of water, is a remarkable experience to walk (and sometimes squeeze) through. The light streams in from high above and transforms you into a surreal world of sculpted natural hallways of rock.

Slot Canyon hiking

While this list includes five of the more well-known destinations, there is an endless list of beautiful, secret places in the Southwest to see and experience. And though some of these locations you can capture with a selfie, some just have to be taken in by your eyes only. Day or night, under the sun or the stars, the Southwest’s colors and unique formations are unlike anything else in the world. What are you waiting for? It’s time to snap those selfies!


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