Cremation Canyon

Brian and All,

Thanks so much for a great trip to Cremation Canyon.  We loved the spectacular views from our campsite, the really “well appointed” living space complete with ready made seats and a roof(!) and the experience of being totally alone. It suited us well to break up the hikes down and up. Every detail had been though about, down to blister packs and tea for the English. We had a truly enjoyable and memorable experience.

I’m sure you already know this that I wanted to reiterate that you have a very extraordinary guide in Omar. He really made the trip for us. He was very attentive to our needs without being in the way and has a wonderfully engaging style that made all four of us feel totally at ease. That’s no small feat when it comes to teenage boys! He has lots of interesting things to say not only about the Canyon but also about practically any topic. He is that rare combination of good storyteller and great listener. And he has a strong philosophy on life that was evident in his interest in us as people and in his general way of being. We feel blessed to have had Omar as our guide.

Please could you forward this email to Omar as an expression of our thanks. And Omar – I’m sure that in your line of work each group of clients merges into the next after a while, but if you ever want to contact us for anything we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Warmest wishes

Zella, Dan, Ben and Tom