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Black Canyon Kayaking

Lake Mead National Recreation area kayaking and hiking, just a short drive from Las Vegas. Black Canyon is home to Hoover Dam and a best kept secret for kayakers.

Staying Hydrated When Hiking in the Desert Southwest

Summer temperatures in the southwestern U.S. can be extreme. And though there are certainly cooler times of year to go hiking and backpacking out here, when planned thoughtfully and carefully, a hike can be extremely enjoyable. But one of the most important elements is proper hydration and nourishment. Too many people miss at least one […]

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Trips With Pack Animal Support

  John Hance liked to tell stories. Big stories. His favorite was that he dug the Grand Canyon himself and piled up the rocks and dirt out by Flagstaff. He was too modest to name the mountains after himself so they call them the San Francisco Peaks today.   Hance came to the Grand Canyon […]

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Bucket Lists

The Value of Bucket Lists

Once upon a time they were simply goals. Then the popular media got a hold of them and they became “books to read before you die.” And Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson dropped them into a “bucket list” of things to experience before they shuffled off this rocky planet.   Bucket lists filled with goals […]

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Kayaking Black Canyon with Four Season Guides

Kayaking the Other Side of Hoover Dam – Down Black Canyon

One of the man-made wonders of the world, the Hoover Dam remains high on the list of America’s greatest engineering triumphs 75 years after the Colorado River was plugged in Black Canyon. The 726-foot high Hoover Dam is still the second highest dam in America and the river backs up 110 miles behind it to […]

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Five Things to Include in Your Backpack for the Next Adventure

By S. Smith There is no better way to experience the incredible outdoor destinations of the world than with a backpacking adventure. Exploring Mother Nature’s most beautiful places with all the essentials you need strapped on your back, is what it’s all about. That is, if all the essentials for the trip are remembered. Although each destination may […]

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Cremation Canyon

Brian and All, Thanks so much for a great trip to Cremation Canyon.  We loved the spectacular views from our campsite, the really “well appointed” living space complete with ready made seats and a roof(!) and the experience of being totally alone. It suited us well to break up the hikes down and up. Every […]

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JoAnne – Escalante Route, Grand Canyon

On each trip to the canyons it’s impossible to imagine how the experience you offer can match the incredible journeys and magical landscapes from previous hikes. But every year my brain is fried and once again your trips were beyond every expectation! FSG’s collection of special people and their extraordinary talents continues to amaze. Brian […]

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