Giving the Gift of Experience for the Holidays

The Holidays are upon us. Soon we will be trimming trees, lighting candles and perhaps even spending time with those we love (at a social distance of course).

If you are searching for great gift ideas this year and want to integrate some physical exercise along with family time, consider the gift of an outdoor adventure experience. Some of the greatest gifts in life are the experiential kind that are sure to create memories for a lifetime.

Material goods have been taking a backseat to adventure and exploration. If you take a look on Instagram, you’ll see that most photos shared are those of travels and good times. Getting out into the natural world allows you to explore waterfalls, mountains, swimming holes, slot canyons and huge dark skies filled with stars. A camping trip with friends or family allows you to share amazing experiences, great food, lots of fresh air and great fun.


colorado river trip


The Southwest is currently one of the most visited outdoor areas in the United States. Hiking and/or backpacking places like the Grand Canyon or the secret corners of southern Utah are a great way to share time with others while socially distancing in nature. Outfitters like Four Season Guides make adventures like this easy and enjoyable by including most everything necessary for the trip: meals and snacks, camping gear, transportation, any required permits, and a seasoned guide to show you the way and handle all of the work. All-inclusive packages like these can be an easy and fun way to incorporate the whole family into one gift.

So, while you’re sitting around the dining room table or sipping wine out on the back patio this Holiday season, consider throwing out some options for a Southwest adventure. Time flies, and making memories with a group adventure is always the best way to extend the Holiday season.




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