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Grand Canyon

Waterfalls in the Desert

Finding a waterfall in the desert is just…magical and awe-inspiring. It’s unexpected, displaced and it makes the stark surroundings of stone and heat simply delightful. Waterfalls hidden in the desert have been slowly discovered and mapped over the years. Some are kept secret so that they don’t become large tourist attractions, while others are just […]

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A Three-Day Weekend Hiking the Grand Canyon

If camping out isn’t for you, nor backpacking, yet you want to see the Grand Canyon up close, you might want to opt for Four Season Guides’ Grand Canyon Phantom Ranch Hiking Tour. Here is the scoop: It only takes 3 days, which is a nice long weekend for many. The distance is 23 miles […]

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The Grand Canyon One-Percenter’s Club: Exploring Below the Rim

Is 2017 the year you join the ranks of the one-percenters – the one percent of the annual five million visitors to the Grand Canyon that explore below the rim? The first thing newcomers to the canyon (the adventurous ones anyway) think after they recover from their awe and amazement is, “Wouldn’t it be cool […]

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Grand Canyon Tour

Spring Break 2017 Ideas: Backpack Grand Canyon

    Is a Grand Canyon backpacking trip on your Bucket List? Consider a guided trip for Spring Break 2017! The wildflowers start blooming in mid to late March and the temps are perfect for some backcountry exploration. Many trips to choose from for all levels of experience. It’s time to Backpack Grand Canyon! Maybe […]

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havasu falls grand canyon

The Magic Blue Waters of Havasu Falls

Few words stir the soul quite like “desert oasis.” And there is no desert oasis in the Southwest comparable to the legendary beauty of Havasu Falls inside the Grand Canyon. The waters of Havasu Creek plunge 90 feet through craggy red rocks into magical turquoise pools. Stands of green cottonwoods fill out the Eden-like desertscape. […]

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Grand Canyon Hikes Appeal

For the Love of Hiking: Grand Canyon

  By Samantha Smith The Grand Canyon is one of America’s biggest and most well-known natural wonders. Its magnificent canyon walls and the fierce Colorado River leave visitors in a state of awe and wonder. For an avid hiker, the Grand Canyon is an all-time dream and checkmark on the ‘bucket list’. The many exciting trails, […]

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Safety Tips for Hiking the Grand Canyon

By Samantha Jones Always plan ahead. Now repeat after me – always plan ahead! Planning for the Best AND the Worst No matter what your  hiking experience may be, you must be cautious. There many trails in the Grand Canyon ranging in difficulty from beginner to expert. Even if you consider yourself an experienced, it […]

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Guy – Kanab Creek

Hi Brian, Thank you so much for putting together another stellar hiking adventure for JoAnne, Dan, and I.  I had a fantastic time and learned, experienced, did, and saw things that I never have before.  Truly a memorable hike!  Bob and Dave are excellent guides (you probably knew that) and contributed immensely to the enjoyment […]

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