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Which Grand Canyon Rim is the Best?

For every 10 visitors who arrive at the Grand Canyon, nine will go to the South Rim and one will head to the North Rim. Since the first sightseers arrived in stagecoaches in the 1850s the Grand Canyon has essentially meant the “South Rim.” When the railroads arrived a few decades later and began building […]

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The Heat Is On: Grand Canyon Hiking In the Summer (Part 2)

Hiking in Grand Canyon during the hot summer months does present some challenges, but thoughtful preparation and a few little tricks can help make for a fantastic, enjoyable, and safe experience. In Part 1 of this blog we discussed the importance of avoiding hiking during the hottest part of the day and taking the opportunity […]

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The Heat Is On: Grand Canyon Hiking In The Summer (Part I)

  As early as late May, daytime temperatures at the bottom of Grand Canyon will regularly hit, and exceed, 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 Celsius). This heat kicks in quickly and typically continues through the first couple of weeks of September, making Grand Canyon hiking tours a little more challenging. Although, the heat shouldn’t keep any […]

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See the Grand Canyon in a New Light – On a Backpacking Trip

Hollywood has visited the Grand Canyon in a number of films, from the Transformers to Thelma & Louise to National Lampoon’s Vacation but the Griswold’s never took full advantage of the sights with an exquisite backpacking trip through the area. The cavernous region is beautiful from the road or even the telescopes perched above but […]

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