Southwest Hiking Tours: Solo Travel

As we begin to brainstorm our 2021 list of potential adventures, travels, and experiences, many will find a Southwest Adventure upon the list. Contemporary travelers are planning adventures away from family and friends, with a new trend: solo travel. This path of independence allows individuals to embark on adventures into the wild alone, but not actually alone.

solo travel

Many solo travelers are choosing to tour the Southwest with groups of like-minded adventurers they have never met before. Grouping up with a new batch of outdoor-loving future friends is a great way to be independent without the hassle of working out the fine details. What are these independent adventurers discovering on their Southwest travels?


A Boost of Confidence: Solo travel is a way to rely on yourself and to boost your overall confidence. Traveling independently allows you to make the calls and problem solve during your experience. At the end of your adventures, you may have discovered many things about yourself that you never knew before.


A Reduction in Stress Levels: These days, everyone is busy with their own work and personal schedules. Those families with kids have double the scheduling. When you solo travel, the only obligation is to yourself and your well-being. There isn’t a need to match up travel calendars, no squabbles on where to go or what to eat, etc.


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