Vacationing in America’s Southwest

Although some people may think of America’s Southwest as little more than a barren expanse of hot, prickly desert full of scorpions and rattlesnakes, these stereotypes are misguided and have likely contributed to this area being a relative secret gem of outdoor recreation for so long. The deserts and mountains of Arizona and Utah have some of the most unforgettable views in all the United States. The sweet smell of desert wildflowers, star-studded night skies, and seemingly endless areas of open wilderness are quietly waiting to be discovered. The wildlife is also just as varied and remarkable as the landscapes. Sure, there are rattlesnakes to be found at certain times of year, but there are also condors, javelina, bighorn sheep, bobcats and tortoises as well.

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Hiking and backpacking with a seasoned guide is one of the most popular ways people choose to experience America’s Southwest. An outfitter such as Four Season Guides handles all of the logistics, and packages include all of the equipment, food and permits necessary for the adventure – so that all you have to do is show up ready to go.

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The weather in America’s Southwest is also what brings individuals and families to this remarkable region. The desert is known for its summer heat, but as they say, ‘it’s a dry heat’. The lack of humidity makes hiking and backpacking an adventurer’s dream, even in the winter months. With an average of 300 plus days of sunshine each year, you can count on blue sky mornings and beautiful clear nights.


The star-studded skies of America’s Southwest always prove quite memorable. Without the bleed of city lights, and wilderness as far as the eye can see, the stars shine brightly against a slate black palate each night. Many hikers and backpackers opt to sleep outside their tents just to fall asleep under the stars.



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