Hiking tours into the Grand Canyon. Rim to Rim, Bright Angel Loop, South Kaibab – with our without mule support.

A Backpacker’s First Aid Kit

Planning a backpacking vacation to escape the ‘real world’ for a few days? Sounds like a fantastic idea! Getting away from it all and losing yourself in the wilderness (not literally, of course) is a fabulous way to reenergize, reduce stress, and get some well-deserved exercise. You can simplify your life and disappear for a while with just the…

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Why Everyone is Going on a Backpacking Vacation this Summer

The world is a beautiful and awe-inspiring place. However, many people do not get to see much of it during their lifetime. Lacing up a pair of boots, strapping on a backpack, and leaving vehicles behind allows those willing to rough it a little bit the perfect opportunity to explore these places. It may seem a little…

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For the Love of Hiking: Grand Canyon

  By Samantha Smith The Grand Canyon is one of America’s biggest and most well-known natural wonders. Its magnificent canyon walls and the fierce Colorado River leave visitors in a state of awe and wonder. For an avid hiker, the Grand Canyon is an all-time dream and checkmark on the ‘bucket list’. The many exciting trails,…

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Five Things to Include in Your Backpack for the Next Adventure

By S. Smith There is no better way to experience the incredible outdoor destinations of the world than with a backpacking adventure. Exploring Mother Nature’s most beautiful places with all the essentials you need strapped on your back, is what it’s all about. That is, if all the essentials for the trip are remembered. Although each destination may…

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Backpacking Vacations In Winter, Part 2: Gear & Other Essentials

Backpacking vacations in the winter months can be not only fun, but very rewarding. Most popular backcountry areas are free of the peak-season crowds leaving you to experience these fabulous destinations in peace, quiet, and exquisite solitude. And despite the short days and longer, chilly nights, with proper planning and the right clothing and equipment,…

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Winter Hiking In The Grand Canyon

A Four Season Guides trip was recently featured in London’s Financial Times, one of the world’s leading financial publications. The article was published in the Life and Arts section and details a hiking adventure to the bottom of Grand Canyon during the New Year’s Holiday. The weather forecast was a little daunting leading up to the…

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